Derek's Postscript

DerekForesight is a wonderful tool. But if we have the ability to see what is to happen, would we go through the experience? Hindsight, on the other hand, comes after the experience, so, looking back at the journey Diana and I embarked upon, I'm now able to understand why the front of this book cover includes the words "Initiation into Soul Consciousness."

It is easy to get so caught up in the mainstream of life around us that we become accustomed to believing what we see and hear and experience with our five senses is `the whole truth.' We only use ten percent of our brains and those five senses...yet there's so much more to us than that...if only we dare reach further to become all that we are, if only we're prepared to take the next step and open our eyes, our real eyes - and use our inner vision.

During my `awakening time' I found that within the process I changed many of my truths (with a lot of protest and fighting) along the way. You've probably heard the saying, "Behind every good man there's a woman telling him how to do things or that he's wrong." It's true. But I can now see that, for me, this was a blessing in disguise. My beautiful lady ranks high among the most wonderful blessings of my life.

I now understand that the person pushing our buttons, the one who has an opposing view evoking an emotional reaction within us, is actually assisting us to search within. It's telling us there is something within us that requires attention. That person is simply being a catalyst in presenting us an opportunity to move beyond our present level of understanding, thereby testing our willingness to be personally challenged. It also gives the opportunity to check if our truths are valid and to see if we are open to the truths of others. If we are not open to expanding our truths about self and life and learning from such an opportunity being presented, we may stagnate and limit our growth.

Part of my "Initiation into Soul Consciousness," I believe, in this... "The Awakening Time" is to recognize what my personal truths are so that I can consciously begin to accept myself, to see the divinity within, and then to see the divinity within others (all life forms). At times I had to place my beliefs aside and allow my feelings to let me know if things that I was experiencing were true for me, or if I was being influenced by prior programming or imprinting. I now know it is important to focus inwardly to seek our own truths. Otherwise, how are we able to know what is really true for us? Accepting only what we feel comfortable with and leaving behind what doesn't feel right helps bring us to the point where we're ready to raise our level of understanding, which then becomes our new truth. And our new truth assists in our awakening.

I'm still working on two of the toughest lessons that are a big part of the initiation: `patience' and `tolerance' with self. I would like to share a short passage from these pages that helps me remember why we are here:

"The soul yearns for reunion with the God Essence and undergoes certain experiences through the physical body, to bring it closer to the state of perfection it seeks before it can be reunited. These experiences provide the soul with an opportunity, whilst in the physical, to express unconditional love, through patience, tolerance, and love of self and others.

"In the process of striving to attain a higher level, or the level of perfection it seeks, conditions are sometimes induced that promote dislike of self. You strive to receive recognition and acceptance from others, yet you reject yourselves, your physical bodies, for whatever reason. Although unaware of it, you project that rejection outwards to others and in turn, this rejection is projected back, reflected back to you. As you think, so you create; if you think negatively of self, so you create more about which to be negative. If you think of self positively, others respond positively to those thoughts by recognizing the positive energy being projected. Your thoughts are your greatest tools."

See the beauty within your life, as everything has meaning. When you least expect it, you may find your truth...between the lines you read...or between the words you those small places where only your heart knows the truth. It's up to you to look for it.

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