The Owl with the Spotted Glare

Why was I surprised at the topic when I awoke in the wee hours one morning with a partial verse of a poem, on the same theme, running around in my head? Repeating the words relentlessly, I rummaged around for pen and notepaper and climbed back into bed. I don't know if it was the whispering or my movements that woke Derek, but sensing something afoot, he reached for his pocket-sized tape-recorder and waited patiently as I climbed back under the covers.

There be no light for the sunlit fare to feed the owl with the spotted glare
There be no sound from the dead of night to bring the dawn and the hands of light
There be no trees in the darkened moon, the air about will be blackened soon
No space nor time for the eyes that see, for all about will in darkness be

Those eyes will long for the light of day and in deep despair with anguish pray
for those that had seen the lot of dread as eyes beheld that the sun went red
And deep inside of the tiny bore terror will strike at his very core
through the darkened earth in rigid clasp as a hellish mirth exhales its grasp

But sun breaks through with a shaft of gold, shattering darkness, banishing cold
And in the light of the dawning day Earth will arise so to make her way
to begin again as she did before and greet the Lords of a banished lore
adjusting now to a different Light, therein no day, therein no night

In timelessness of a giant span to become at last as all began
The timelessness like the giant eye from the universe within the sky
But the further out it's further in, for the joy of all can now begin
so to lay at rest the bloody past whose deeds therein did remain amassed

Within the silence of bleakest days without the light of the colored rays
shines eternity, a mighty blast, bringing sanctuary to man at last
For through his fears he brought about the turning point to within, from without
and he must know now his greatest needs are created so by his thoughts and deeds

He who looks within will see how bright is purity of the greatest Light
The brightest hopes are the greatest seeds that illuminate and meet all his needs
like sparkling gems of utopic state that ionic fusion initiate
to create anew in the dawn of light that the gold-eyed owl may feed in flight
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