A Conversation with Kalindras

My son, Karl, had kindly volunteered to create a web page for me after The Awakening Time was published. He had been intrigued by mention in the book of my 'writing' guide, Kalindras, and asked if we had any stories or anecdotes about him that he could include.

I had become very familiar with Kalindras' energy while I had been writing The Awakening Time, and on each occasion that I was aware of his presence, my own sense of perception and awareness became intensified, magnified.

One day I invited Kalindras to join with me to experience a stroll along a lovely shaded area of Edmonton's river valley. Derek drove us there and escorted us on our walk. It was a beautiful summer's day and my senses were greatly heightened by Kalindras' company.

As we stopped in childlike fashion to examine pretty wild flowers, a tiny mosquito came to rest on my index finger. In an almost surprised manner I held out my finger to show Derek, and I heard Kalindras speak through me, "Oh, look at the intrusion," as the tiny critter drew a measure of blood for her purpose of propagation. Of course, in the most predictable human fashion, Derek moved quickly to remove the wee insect from my finger.

Afterwards, Derek told me he'd never forget the look of surprise and remorse on my face as he joked with my unseen companion and said he'd never forget being told by a guide to hasten the insect's demise.

Although Kalindras was quite familiar with Derek's teasing personality, I sensed the anguish as my guide, with a large measure of genuine innocence, followed with the comment, "but I was just commenting on the intrusion."

"Oh, yes, I believe that," Derek had laughed. And so, the little incident became Derek's standing tease whenever he communicated with Kalindras.

I knew that Kalindras, Derek and I had known each other during incarnations in early Greek and Roman times. I had never really questioned our relationship in those eras. But because my son had asked for more information regarding Kalindras, we prepared one morning to ask the guide himself.

The following is a record of the conversation that followed after Kalindras introduced himself with the familiar and softly spoken word, "Greetings." There was a pause, and then, "it is a while since we have spoken, in your time, although it seems like only yesterday we took a stroll near the river. But I did not ask you to dispose of that little creature..."

"You're reading my mind again," Derek laughed. "Of course you didn't, it's just to get your goat a little and place blame on someone other than myself. I do sincerely believe you would never have done that. But you did tell me how to drive, though," Derek chuckled as he recalled Kalindras' reactions to riding in a motorized vehicle.

"There has been quite a reluctance with Diana recently to communicate," Kalindras continued, "it's as if she is waiting to kick into high gear for the writing to take off again. But, as she remembers when she began writing her first book, she will recall it took a while to get into the routine.

"Perhaps the greatest fear one has is the fear of trusting self. But whenever she needs my assistance, I will be here. Old friends are the dearest friends. When one has been through thick and thin as we all have and the relationship is tried and tested, there is an intimacy, a closeness always there that can be likened to the puppy following its master. There is always a desire to remain within the comfort of friendship, friendship that is truly anchored within the seat of the soul and the treasured memory of kinship."

"As Karl is creating a web page for us, we'd like to be able to add some information there with regard to yourself and Daneus," Derek stated.

"The son's motivation is good and stems from love, but you see, we do not need to take a curtain call. We share some of the reluctance that Diana has in talking about self, and even though we have been connected before, the experience is like a distant memory, as ours is no longer within that of the physical, more specifically the ego, so the emphasis from the perspective of writer or scribe, becomes different... and you cannot really call it speaking from the afterlife, because the life is always 'now.' We are separated not by time but by dimensions and all that implies."

"As we haven't spoken for some time, does this mean you have been assisting others, inspiring elsewhere," Derek asked?

"Yes. On the planet at this time there are many wonderful young minds that are reaching and are excited about words and expressing them. It is a wonderful time on the earthplane for the budding poet, the scribe, one of many costumes worn on the stage of life.

"There was a time when loyalty and friendship was very important for the three of us," Kalindras hinted, "and indeed, there were times when one needed to protect one's back. Things have not changed much, have they?"

"At least back then I suppose we'd have known who our enemies were," Derek surmised, "there wasn't the technology, the world seemed almost smaller, perhaps because we weren't really concerned with distractions of what was happening around the world."

"One was concerned with those others who wielded the sword of power," Kalindras responded, with the reminder, "even the pen can become the mighty sword."

"Right. Diana has swung that pretty strongly a few times."

"Yes, one never loses the gift. It carries forward with each incarnation. There is so much power in both the written and the spoken word that, the ego can become quite carried away at times. And here we refer to the good times, times of comradeship and things that are most enjoyed by those within the physical expression, living life to the fullest, enjoying the sun and the terrain, walking in the shade of the colonnades in the delightful company of dear friends whose sharp minds, wit, and humor embraced similar ideals.

"We look forward to opportunities to communicate again, we are sure there will be many, and when I say we, Daneus is in agreement and wishes to convey his regards also. He is of the same mind that, there is no need for our names to appear. It is not wished to take the glory away from the writer. You see, all we do is encourage. We are not the ones whose words are dancing upon the paper or flowing from the lips of those who memorize certain passages or quote from the writings. We are here merely to guide, to assist, to share our energy. As you know, there is strength in numbers, and when there is more than one focusing upon a cause or a plan or a design, there the strength lies to bring it all to fruition.

"All of us from time to time need encouragement in the same manner as the small child taking his first steps; he would still eventually be able to walk unaided, but when he sees the outstretched arms and hears words of love and encouragement, it makes his first little step and the next, and the next, so much easier. Every man, every woman, every child needs that encouragement so that the seeds of the mind can take form and bud and bloom in all their radiant glory. We urge your readers to find within the pages of "The Awakening Time" much wisdom and encourgement."

"We can quote you on that?"

"We know that, even if we protest, if you choose you will use."

How well Kalindras knows Derek!

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