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When the winds of change blow sometimes it's with a rattle and a growl. Sometimes it's with a hurricane force that sweeps a body along like helpless tumbleweed. But within that relentless embrace there is a message from the universe. As soon as you allow yourself to trust and willingly enter into the experience, you will be swept upwards into new avenues of understanding. Give yourself permission to enjoy the ride.

The winds of change blew Derek into my life eleven years ago. I was a single parent working as a secretary; he was a general factotum in building and house renovations. A mutual interest in spiritualism and reincarnation brought us together, kindling an urgent desire to explore past lives and prompting us to take regression therapy training.

An inner knowing was telling us we had a specific purpose for being together, and so, like two mismatched lemmings, we threw ourselves into a chasm of mid-life career changes and matrimony.

Riding a whirlwind of learning experiences, our tempestuous relationship swept us into a 180-degree spin. An injury to Derek's hand and cutbacks at my workplace saw us both out of jobs exactly two weeks after completing training to become hypnotherapists. It seemed as if a higher energy was spurring us on to become self-employed, taking us kicking and screaming out of a rapidly disintegrating comfort zone of old ideas and beliefs. Our immediate prospects looked bleak, with insufficient funds to start a business. Yet circumstances dictated an immediate career change for both of us.

During an intense four-year time span, we battled trials of a blended family, we separated and reunited twice, and we opened our own business as hypnotherapists and teachers of metaphysics and Reiki, a method of `hands-on healing' involving energy manipulation, which originated in Japan in the late 1800s.

During that four year `apprenticeship,' while visiting a gem store one day, Derek placed a large onyx egg into my hand and I saw a vision from which there was no turning away. It thrust us headlong into the incredible world of rocks and crystals, automatic writing and channeling, activating psychic abilities, and inspiring us to teach others how to reach beyond their present realities. After being told I would write a book, a small quartz crystal told us of an ancient promise, a vow to meet, in this, `The Awakening Time.'

Two years later, acting upon a deep inner calling prompting us to finish writing this book, we closed the business, gave away most of our belongings and went into virtual isolation.

This book is a narrative of our extraordinary, inextricably interwoven personal journey of a teaching and working partnership; it also includes conversations with our spiritual guides, with how-to suggestions on raising awareness and accelerating personal vibratory rates in preparation for safely communicating with higher aspects of self.

We extend greetings to all seekers of truth and hope readers of this book find within its pages many gems that will bring a gleam of understanding and enlightenment.

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