`So, this is what it feels like to start a book...' I had written as I sat in front of the computer examining my thoughts, casually waiting for the inspiration and words to flow. The day began at 4:12 AM for a 5:00 AM start at the office, just like any other `ordinary' day. `Ordinary,' because extraordinary things happen on ordinary days, all the time. In fact, I'm not sure now that there ever was any real `ordinary' day.

So much has happened that if I put everything into words nobody would believe it. Yet should I try to write it as fiction, it just might become a best seller. But fiction it's not, though I swear, sometimes fact most definitely is stranger than fiction.

Only a few days before, at a channeling workshop my husband, Derek, was giving, I had been told I was ready to begin writing a book, the first of four works, and I was introduced to Kalindras, the guide who would be with me for the duration. I had absolutely no inkling of what was ahead....

And so, like a child expectantly waiting for something wondrous to occur, I sat there in front of the computer, with fingers resting gently on the keyboard, poised, yet ready for instruction. A blank screen was staring at me, inviting words to appear. After about half an hour, I was still waiting for inspiration to flow into my mind as if directed by some magical source. By this time I was feeling a little silly. Nothing was happening, yet I waited some more.

"Give me a break," I whined to myself, and then surely enough, from somewhere inside my head ideas began flowing, but so slowly it was like coaxing fridge-cold honey from a jar. One-and-a-half hours later I had written my first page and proudly sent the document to print.

My faithful Bubble Jet began spitting out words, but only seconds later it sputtered to a halt. The dreaded `SOFTWARE FAILURE' message flashed briefly across the monitor and then the screen went blank. Holding my breath and praying for a miracle to happen, I pressed the left mouse button and rebooted the computer. Although I was able to access my precious document, to my dismay the only words on the screen were, `So, this is what it feels like to start a book'!

This was freaky. Was that all I'd written when I first saved my document? Hardly. I'm not in the habit of saving after typing each sentence. The most baffling thing to try and fathom could those words possibly reappear when the rest of the document was lost?

I was really choked. Was this a small lesson reminding me to save the document to the computer's memory at least every few minutes? Perhaps in computer jargon it was telling me to cover my derriere, as my little dinosaur of a machine had no automatic backup feature. "Whatever that was all about, it's one lesson I won't forget in a hurry," I told myself. One lesson? Who was I kidding?

In a bizarre series of events occurring over the course of the next few weeks and months, there were more software failures, disk errors, not enough memory, and computer crashing stints than I care to admit to and for which the experts said there was no `logical' explanation. We soon learned that `logical,, along with `trust' and `lesson,' wore the same hat as `pay attention.'

At a channeling workshop, my guide, Kalindras, suggested that 5:00 AM would be a beneficial time of day to begin work. He advised that at 7:00 AM sharp we should leave the office and return home "to nourish the physical and prepare for the work day," and segment each day so that we would have sufficient energy to carry us through our evening classes.

I eventually learned to switch off the computer at 7:00 AM sharp. Whenever I became so engrossed that I forgot, the computer would `mysteriously' shut down. When we asked why, Kalindras explained in a very nice way that we would survive the upcoming sixteen-hour days at the office without burnout only by following a segmented schedule. We got the message; he and our other guides were just nudging us to take care of the body's physical needs so as to not overtax ourselves. Now, one thing's for sure; we pay attention whenever our guides give even the faintest suggestion of a direction or avenue to explore. Their way of bringing certain things to our attention or letting us know we're maybe overlooking a detail or through the computer.

Derek and I are just a couple of ordinary seekers of truth. Sure, to many folks, our union appeared mismatched. Some predicted we'd never make it together past the six-month mark. But we knew we had been brought together for a very special purpose. That purpose became the projection of who we really are, not only opening up a new way of life, but becoming the `open sesame' to communication with other realities, during which time our lives were turned upside down and inside out.

We trust in God and we've learned to trust our spirit guides. We listen, whilst allowing our own free will to have full rein as we explore circumstances and situations that unfold to give us a deeper understanding of what we are doing and why we are here.

Shortly after my first channeling workshop, we were introduced to more guides, crystals, and devas, and were led to two onyx eggs which affectionately became known to us as `Intensity' and `Sanctuary,' all to get us to use our psychic gifts, which opened the door to the realities of a whole new world.

After six months of early morning channeling sessions, we had over one hundred documents transcribed and entered onto the computer.

On February 6, 1995, I sat down with a new software manual in front of me, trying to figure out how to put everything together. I had written a book, for sure, although I hadn't followed any format or plan or outline. I'd just followed directions, one by one, and ended up with all these separate documents entered into the computer. Not exactly a book, you say? Well, with just a little juggling, I'll probably find I have two, I told myself optimistically....

Almost a year later, I was still juggling the documents and adding brief explanatory titles to each. I trimmed their numbers down to 51 as I completed the second draft, but I still had way too much material. I realized I must devote myself full-time to working on the book. At the end of December 1995, we closed our Center and left Alberta for the seclusion of a small cottage in Osoyoos, British Columbia. Devoting myself entirely to the major task of pruning and editing, and the lengthy process of sending out inquiries to publishers, it took another four months before I could say the work was done. And then there was more. I found my work had just begun!

Our book tells of what for us became "The Awakening Time." We sincerely believe this is the awakening time for everyone upon our beautiful planet, and we hope our work will help others `see' there is more `out there' than meets the eye as mankind embraces all that this new millennium offers.

I'm no longer a newcomer to all this metaphysical stuff. I can now honestly say I've been around the block many times and hope to do more rounds again with my three grandchildren. Although I always used to believe it was others who had all the psychic gifts, my children included (from whom, incidentally, I learned a great deal), it wasn't until I'd turned the half-century mark that my own latent abilities kicked into gear. I'm not the first one to air the view that we all have psychic abilities; we're born with them but for whatever reason, most of us push them aside when we are very young.

When I was a kid, nobody talked about such things openly. So I realize we are fortunate that we now live in an era in which it's become more acceptable to talk about vibrations and energies because of the New Age Love Affair and the once passÚ `guardian angels' who have been taken out of mothballs and allowed out of the closet. Today, people are more openly seeking direction to reclaim their rightful gifts. Guardian angels have been instrumental in showing psychic phenomena in a new light. They are being given new credibility, complete with the power of protection and all the attributes of spiritual perfection, as they assist seekers of the truth to realize the value of a true friend and companion always close at hand.

These spiritual beings, guardian angels, are now receiving the recognition they so truly deserve. But, beware! Seekers of truth must learn to discern the true from the false. What do you think they would be told if they asked an imposter, a trickster (as some disembodied souls are), if it were a guardian angel or not? Do you really think it would give any answer other than the one the seeker hopes to hear? And how would these truth-seekers know the difference? They wouldn't!

These last eleven years our eyes have been opened. Our na´ve opinions about life and after-life have changed. We've learned there's an ocean of imposters out there, masquerading for people desperately seeking a helping hand and who cannot tell the difference between a disembodied spirit and a high spiritual being. Do you know what happens after death to those with no beliefs or who die in fear of eternal damnation?

Most of us are blind to the truth and we're sick, weak, or lame because, by choice and imprinting, we've given our power away to other people. We have been led by our noses since we were toddlers, having been taught to place our trust in others. Now we so desperately want to put our trust in guardian angels or beings that we believe are from the spiritual realms. But, again, beware!

It would have been so easy to stay within the religion in which I was raised, but I wanted answers. And so, in my early twenties, I gradually drifted away from my church to experience life's lessons the complicated way, as most of us do. I became a searcher for the truth. And, I must admit, every day I search a little more, because the more I learn makes me realize that life is a continual learning and reassessment process. I sampled different religions along the way, discovering that the humble beginnings of most religions had been built around the teaching of prophets sent at different time periods by the Creator, our one true Source, or God, to give soul-searching man and woman direction. The origins of the various religious beliefs seemed similar, with a common thread running through all of them: telling of a creator figure, and a continued existence on another plane after death.

Because of my own imprinting, at first I found the theory of reincarnation and soul fragmenting difficult to swallow. In our society, the ego in all of us has a hard time accepting this. We all like to believe it's me, here and now, that is the only important thing on earth and when we die it's going to be me, the same, going on forever and ever in Heaven or some such eternal and celestial abode.

Other cultures accept the multi-life aspect of themselves without question, yet to our society it may seem there are not many advantages, as often-times those who embrace this philosophy are seen as doing little to improve their lot, because of a belief in karma.

Be that as it may; whether we believe in one life to be lived or many, it's our responsibility to ourselves to expand our own conscious awareness and spirituality, not sit back and expect some organized religion or priest or deity to do it for us. We must literally do it for ourselves.

We urge you to seek and find the truths for yourself, from within. That may not happen, though, if you rely solely upon neatly packaged and bound creeds and dogmas--they have lost much of their original content and context through the repeated interference and censorship of human egos with limited understanding and vision.

Although they may have served a wonderful purpose and provided a strong foundation, it is now time to go beyond beliefs that may be serving to keep us stuck. But there is no need to discard those beliefs. We will need them later as a yardstick to measure our progress, and at that time we may find within them new meaning.

We were all delivered onto this planet as perfect little specimens, though some of us may have chosen to learn through certain physical challenges and painful experiences in every sense of the word. Prior to this lifetime on earth, we chose the lessons we wish to learn and we set the scene for them by selecting parents or guardians who would provide the necessary background for such experiences that assist us on our own chosen path in life.

If, in our opinion, we felt we were given a bum steer, whether good or bad, it was because of the choices we made. Regardless of what may have happened in our lives, we must accept that there was a reason. It's up to us to seek out and find that reason, and learn the whys and wherefores. Then, if we feel we've learned enough from current lessons and really want to change present circumstances, our learning experiences, and broaden our outlook so we may truly see the forest and not the trees, know that we will be assisted. There are willing teachers ready to guide us through this segment in the School of Life.

But we must avoid blaming others for any disappointments in life. By perceptively raising our conscious awareness, through searching for a higher level of understanding, we may not only find `the reason' for those disappointments or hurts, we may also find true enlightenment. There are many courses on the market designed to open one's conscious awareness, and if we trust our inner guidance, we may be directed to responsible, caring teachers. Priceless information and a shortcut to begin the journey may be found, enabling us to perhaps learn in one weekend or a few weeks the essence of what may have taken our teacher twenty years or a lifetime to learn.

There are less expensive, slower, routes to take and it is possible to do it alone, physically alone, that is. Much information has been channeled from high spiritual beings and is in book form. But in our search, we must keep an open mind and accept only information that feels right deep down inside-- as a truth for self--and reject what doesn't. Whatever `sits right' is right for us.

However, when we are ready to receive `different' information, we may even get the message where or when we least expect it. Sometimes the sender doesn't always seem to know the difference between AM and PM, as we found out on more than one occasion. Like when we'd already been `at it' since 3:00 AM. That day there was no getting away from it, no crawling back under the covers, no hiding under the pillow looking for more sleep.

Again, during the sleep state, Derek had been shown the truths, the secrets of the ages, as time was before time began, and as time is now. In the beginning, we were all One and time stood still. For the second consecutive morning, he was being told that now is the time for us to prepare for the task ahead. And the task is to show the way of the journey home. The way is one that has to be found and then told of or shown to others, so that they, too, if they so choose, can find their own way. And we are sure they will, because this is The Awakening Time.

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