'The Awakening Time'

I picked up a small quartz crystal that Azad had given to me during one of my visits to the Rock and Gem Shop. As I held it in my hand, I mentioned to Derek that I could feel an odd sensation inside my left ear.

'Knowing' something important was about to take place, he quickly clipped a lapel microphone onto my jacket. What good insight that Derek had such a presence of mind to ask, "Now you've acknowledged the sensation, what would it like to say?"

I felt compelled to reply, "I have much to tell you, due to circumstances that have brought us together, and you have much to hear," then, without pausing for breath, the following words of poetry just poured out of my mouth:

"The time is now to listen, for I have a tale to tell
And as you hear the words from me, you will recount them well.
The words are just a stepping-stone, to bring the paths to now
The memories of long ago, the promise and the vow.

A time was set for us to meet, and here it's come to pass
`Tis time to work together, the memories to amass.
`Tis time for wealth and fortune, the spiritual kind
The secrets of the Universe at last here to unwind.

And as you listen closely, I'll help you understand
I'll take you to each universe, each foreign and like land
I'll take you further inward, to the depths within the sky
For deep within each being, the universe doth lie.

The nature of the knowing is simple, still indeed
`Tis time to reawaken, to bring out the new seed
For each is sown within them, to nurture true and fast
`Tis time to be reborn again, the pure Iconoclast."

Derek asked what the poem meant, and I heard my response as I described the vision I was seeing: "It is to do with religious persecution. There was a vow taken that we would all meet again in another time... we knew we would be back together again, to declare our beliefs once more."

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